PL-6018L Laptop Color Doppler

Technical Parameters :
Display:15” LCD monitor
Display Mode:B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, B+C, B+D, B+C+D, PDI, CF, PWD
Gray Scale:256
Dyn Range:0dB-160dB
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    APPLICATION: hospitals, clinics, health care centers, universities and etc .

    Examination range: heart, abdominal, obstetrics, gynecology, regional nerve block, uterus / adnexa, vascular and etc .


Display: 15” LCD monitor
Display Mode: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, B+C, B+D, B+C+D, PDI, CF, PWD
Gray Scale: 256
Dyn Range: 0dB-160dB
Depth: ≥330mm
Blind Area: ≤5 mm
Channels: 64
Probe elements: 128
Cine-loop: ≥1000.
Lateral Resolution: ≤1mm (Depth≤80mm), ≤2mm (80< Depth≤130mm)
Axial Resolution: ≤1mm (Depth≤80mm), ≤2mm (80< Depth≤130mm)
Geometry Position Precision: horizontal≤10%, vertical≤10%
Storage Media: 64G massive image-storage capacity
Measurement and Calculation:
Basic measurement, abdomen, early/later obstetric, pelvis, urology, vascular , cardiac, small organs and etc.
B-mode Basic Measurements: distance, angle, perimeter and area, volume histograms, cross section
M-mode Basic Measurements: heart rate, time, distance, speed.
USB Port: 2
Probe Connector: 2
Power Supply: (AC)220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz
Continuous Working Hours: ≥8h
External Display: PAL, VGA

Imaging Pre-processing:
8-segment TGC
Gain (B&W, Color, Doppler)
Dynamic Range
Image Enhancement
Acoustic Power

Imaging Post-processing:
Gray Map
Black/White Reverse
Left/Right Reverse
Up/Down Reverse


Standard Configuration:
Scanner Body: 1pc
3.5Mhz Convex Probe: 1pc
Charger with a Set of Wires: 1set
Bottle of USG gel: 1pc
User Manual: 1pc

Optional :
3.5Mhz Phased Array Probe
6.5Mhz Trans-virginal Probe
7.5Mhz Linear Probe

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